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Store Re-Launch

Hello everyone, I'm Mike from Green Gizmo and we've just did a major overhaul to our online storefront. I mean, yeah it may not look super different on the outside but- we moved servers, installed new store software meaning we've got a faster, better storefront to better help you get what you want but know, faster n' better but just as secure.

It's been a real struggle getting this done as we've been focusing on new products and even videos to show off our products. We're not a big company by any stretch, a few dedicated artists and musicians and we want to present our craft to everyone the best we can so you know what you're buying (or considering buying!) will be awesome.

I know it sounds crazy, artists and musicians are running a company and not some people who don't care what gets kicked out as long as it get cash in pocket? Yes! We are indeed made of artists and musicians who not only want products that look nice but can do their job without breaking. But, whatever that's not the point of this post. I just wanted to let you readers why the store looks different and let you know what we've got in the works.

Stay awesome everyone.
-Mike | Green Gizmo

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