(2-Pack) .44 Magnum Beater (Discontinued)

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This item was a limited run item and has been discontinued, sorry!


Note: These are not novelty beaters! These are fully functional drum equipment that are hand made & painted by us, Green Gizmo.

Feelin' lucky punk? Did you want to blast your drums with some serious looking drum beaters? Well have a shot at these! ...Okay enough puns and onto the actual info!


These durable guns are both light weight but durable enough to take a serious beating. Hand made, cast, molded from a special highly durable plastic. Black high impact plastic with hand painted bullets into a power beater.


.44 Magnum beater is hand made by Green Gizmo exclusively & proudly made in the U.S.A.


-Hand painted, hardened plastic

-Standard ¼ stainless Steel Rod

-Dimensions L|W|H: 46mm | 44mm | 21.5cm

-Overall weight 3.8oz (per beater)






For use with:

  • Drum pedals.

  • Axis, Pearl, Taye, Tama, etc.

Remove your stock drum beaters by loosening the screw at the base of each beater on the pedal. Remove and replace with the Magnum Beater with the bullets  facing away from the drum skin/skulls toward the drummer. Tighten screws till firmly snug, do not over tighten.