(2-Pack) Hades Hammer

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-Hand painted, hardened plastic

-Standard ¼ stainless Steel Rod

-Dimensions L|W|H: 59mm|37mm|20cm(rod included)

-Overall weight 3.8oz

-Heavy style beaters


2x Hades beaters
2x carrying pouches
About the product:

Our latest beater! A true pair of deadly hammers for your drums. Fire forged in the chasms of Hades itself by KackleSlash the Forger! ...Orrr...Hand made by us, here at Green Gizmo. With a metallic finish they'll turn heads.

This is a pair of beaters is designed to both look great and be fully functional power hammers for your kit. These are not novelty beaters! Like our other beaters they have been tested extensively by a drummer and will take any punishment thrown at them. A full stainless steel rod and high impact plastic head insures they will take a beating and keep working on your kit!

For use with:

  • Drum pedals.

  • Axis, Pearl, Taye, Tama, etc.

Remove your stock drum beaters by loosening the screw at the base of each beater on the pedal.
Remove and replace with the Hades Beaters with the marked side facing away from the drum skin.Tighten screws till firmly snug, do not over tighten.