Green Gizmo Goo

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About the product:
Many drummers use gels to tune the sound of their drums and those who do know the agony of their gel pads becoming filthy with dust and dirt from normal use or gel simply sticking to other things they shouldn't!

Green Gizmo has developed a solution to this problem with our Goo tabs. They're incredible, washable, cut-able, reusable goo! The top is smooth to prevent sticking to other objects and the other is our special formulated goo pad that is reusable, washable and leaves no residue. No kidding, if your goo pad gets dirty, give a quick rinse under some water, even use soap! Once it dries it is ready for duty again! Need smaller tabs? Goo has you covered again, you can cut goo to achieve more minor adjustments!

The smooth side makes sure your goo tabs don't get caked with dust and dirt on one side when in use or when you stick your gear in a bag. Comes with a reusable plastic tub to keep your tabs stored and clean when not in use.

Goo is fit for all drums and drum skins, removes clean with no adhesive residue.