B.C. Rich Guitar Jack Plate

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Bring some style to your stock guitar jack with the Grim Jackplate. Featuring a dark mix of skulls and wires to give your guitar a dark unique look. Made from the same high impact plastic as our drum beaters, so you can be sure it's durable and looks great for years.  
B.C. Rich Guitar Jack Plate is hand made by Green Gizmo exclusively & proudly made in the U.S.A.


    -Hand painted high impact plastic
   -Dimensions L|W|H: 65mm|35mm|12mm 

For use with: 
 -B.C. Rich Style Guitars 
Lay your guitar on a flat surface, consider laying it on a towel or blanket to prevent scratches. 
Remove the screws on your jackplate, replace with the grim jackplate by using the screws that came with your guitar. 

1x Jackplate for B.C. Rich