Grim Skull Guitar Knob (Single Knob)

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Green Gizmo's Grim Skull guitar knobs are hand sculpted, stylized human skulls that were molded and fit for use with guitar/bass guitar pots. Each knob is hand painted and fit with a allen key screw to ensure tight fits on your guitar pots.


Our guitar knobs are made of the same durable high impact plastic as our cymbal toppers.

Perfect to add some metal flare to your guitar or bass guitar.


Grim Guitar knob is hand made by Green Gizmo exclusively & proudly made in the U.S.A.  



-5/64” /2 mm allen key screw

-Dimensions L|W|H: 34m|24mm|30mm

 -Hand painted high impact plastic



Single guitar knob




For use with:

-Replacing guitar, bass guitar volume & adjustment knobs.