About Us

We Are Green Gizmo


Brian and Mike Girardin are the brothers behind the store and the products you're seeing on this store!

I'm Brian, I've been a musician for over 20 years of my life both in music making and the recording end of it. I'm a drummer and guitarist and have experience in several bands as well as owning the studio that records them.
I funded my hobby as a musician for years as a mechanic, which grew my experience with hardware and grew the size of my equipment for creating new accessories for instruments.

I am also an experienced graphic artist and have worked for years with products, photography and websites.

Hey, I'm Mike, a sarcastic ass of a brother and I'm into the other end of music. By that I mean I enjoy listening to many forms of music from metal to retro 90's video game tunes and I don't actually make music. That said, I've been an artist all my life, making everything from comic art, cartoon illustrations, conceptual art to logos and various graphics for ads or websites. You may have seen my art around here on the site!

I have worked freelance for most of my life, with art, graphic design, product design and development and websites.

We are brothers and we create the products you find here on our store, by hand in the United States. We're very into our creations and we know the abuse and wear and tear music gear goes and wanted to add an artist flare to custom gear.

Thanks for checking out or gear and reading about us!