Custom orders

So you need something special, a different design or maybe a different standard than what we offer? Okay we got you covered! First we'll need to share some info before you share yours. I will try and keep it simple here but this will help make the process as smooth as possible.

1- Is your request a custom design?
An entirely unique design we do not offer on the store we would have to create from scratch? The minimum cost for this is $120 as we will have to both sculpt and mold the design to fit to your request.

2- Do you need a custom fit or different standard to fit your gear?
If it's not entirely custom and you're instead looking for a different FIT for your gear, what is the standard you're looking for? Example:

"I need cymbal toppers that will fit 6millimeters instead of 8"
There may be a minimum order amount for this kind of custom order depending on what you ask.

3- Are you located in the United States or is this an international order?
This is important for both calculating shipping costs & estimating how long it may take to arrive to your location.

This is important because international shipping will cost more and customs can hold orders for longer than expected for reasons out of our control.


Q: Can you make my design?
A: Maybe! We need as much information as you can provide such as:

  • What brand your equipment is.
  • The size of the fittings in millimeters.
  • What exactly you're looking to have made (Alien head as a cymbal topper), photos can help/might be needed if your design is very different!
  • The number of items you were looking to have made.

Q: I just need 6mm instead of 8mm, is that possible?
A: Absolutely! It will take some extra time & as small fee to do- but we can do so on our toppers.

Q: Can you make me a custom shirt/poster/cellphone case etc
A: Yup! We can design a custom illustration or image for a shirt/hoodie/poster/cellphone case etc and have it shipped to you on all of those. Contact us and we will work with you to get your idea realized.

Q: Can you make 'fanart' of an existing property?
A: If you mean making a copy-written cymbal topper./guitar knob/etc? That is a hard answer to give. Please contact us and we will see about what we can do.

Q: What else do we need to know?
A: Well there's a lot to go over with a custom order, so reading this and providing us with the basics that we ask can get you on your way.

Custom orders are a time consuming process and it will take us time to both create and make these pieces. And for international orders? They will take time to arrive that is out of our control.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount? Why is there if so?
A: It depends on the order, we can tell you more when you contact us.

As to WHY there's a minimum order and fee? We have to sculpt the design which takes a lot of time to make then mold it which is another several hours long process. Making pieces after & painting also takes time that all adds up.

Q: Can I resell the design idea that I had Green Gizmo make?
A: No. Since we are designing and creating these designs- Green Gizmo retains all rights and copyright to custom orders unless otherwise stated. Please see the information below for more details.

Q: Can you create custom gear that only I can own/retain the copyright to?
A: Yes, we can work with you to create custom gear that we will not sell & that you will own the design for.
If you want to obtain ownership for reselling you will have to contact us to talk in detail about that.

Q: My band would like a custom topper/shirt/etc, can you help out?
A: Yes, we can work with you to create something unique for your gear or shirts that you will own the copyright to!


Legal information:
Green Gizmo L.L.C. retains all ownership & copyright to all custom designs that Green Gizmo creates. Unless otherwise stated, custom designs are the intellectual property of Green Gizmo L.L.C.. Green Gizmo retains full rights to manufacture and sell custom orders and other creations.

By commissioning and/or purchasing you are not granted ownership of either the design or property unless otherwise stated. The client is not entitled any royalties from sales generated by custom orders sold on our stores.

You may not recreate, copy, and sell any of our designs, custom or otherwise. All designs are owned and copyright Green Gizmo and are not to be reproduced & sold. Client retains no ownership to copyright or any royalties earned by sales of any custom design we have created.

By commissioning Green Gizmo LLC to create custom designs you agree to not reproduce, copy or sell our designs or any custom orders made for you or other customers.