(2-Pack) Grim Skull Power Beater

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Note: These are not novelty beaters! These are fully functional drum equipment that are hand made & painted by us, Green Gizmo.


Time to bash some skulls with our Grim bass drum beaters. These durable monsters are both light weight but durable enough to take a serious beating. Hand made, cast, molded from a special highly durable plastic and finally hand painted to give an authentic dirty bone look.



-Hand painted, high impact plastic

-Standard ¼ stainless Steel Rod

-Dimensions L|W|H: 51mm|47mm|21cm(rod included)

-Overall weight 3.8oz



Don't be fooled, these are not made of regular fragile plastic; they are durable enough to be slammed by the hardest stomp, fastest beat onto any drum skin, acoustic or electronic. Our drum beaters have been stress tested against realistic and unrealistic abuse and we guarantee they will not break under even heavy drumming!

Made exclusively by Green Gizmo in the U.S.A.


If speed is more your thing you have a look at our Speed Beaters, Which are 50% lighter than our power beaters.


For use with:

  • Drum pedals.

  • Axis, Pearl, Taye, Tama, etc.

Remove your stock drum beaters by loosening the screw at the base of each beater on the pedal. Remove and replace with the Grim Beater with the skull's facing away from the drum skin/skulls toward the drummer. Tighten screws till firmly snug, do not over tighten.