(4-Pack) Grim Bass Tuners (Discontinued)

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This item has been discontinued, sorry!

Add some variety to those tuners on the head stock of your bass guitar! Our tuners are both functional and add some grim style to the head of your bass guitar; they're made of the same high impact plastic as our cymbal toppers so you know they're durable.

 -Hand painted high impact plastic
 -Dimensions L|W|H: 30mm|27mm|30mm

4x bass tuners

Grim skull toppers are hand made by Green Gizmo exclusively & proudly made in the U.S.A. For use with: Bass guitar.

To install your new skull base tuner knobs, you must first undo your current knobs. To do this, start by first loosening the tuners till your strings become loose. Next, unscrew your stock tuner knobs and remove them. Replace with the Grim Skull bass tuners, using the default screws to secure them into place. Do not over tighten!