Dark Sigil Jack Plate in Green

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Clearance item.
Made early on for product photos. Never used, only difference is, it's green. Very green.


Green Gizmo's Dark Sigil jackplate's are hand sculpted pieces cast from a mold and hand painted, giving the demonic skull a darker look. Created to look awesome while staying low profile to stay out of the way from your playing. 

These jackplates are specially designed to keep their look complete while being able to stay fitted on your guitar. By using a special hidden screw port that slots inside the jackplate, the design remains untainted by holes, leaving only the bottom screw exposed. 

Dark Sigil Jack Plate is hand made by Green Gizmo exclusively & proudly made in the U.S.A.

 -1 screw slot & 1 hidden screw slot 
 -Dimensions L|W|H: 34m|24mm|30mm
 -Hand painted high impact plastic

1x Jackplate
1x concealed screw port

For use with: 
 -Fender, statocaster guitars. Covers existing jackplates. 
Lay your guitar on a flat surface, consider laying it on a towel or blanket to prevent scratches. 
Remove the screws on your jackplate. Take the included slot and the top screw and insert the screw through the slot and screw it to the top of your jackplate. Replace the bottom screw and tighten both screws firmly- do not over tighten.