Speed Beater

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Note: These are not novelty beaters! These are fully functional drum equipment that are hand made & painted by us, Green Gizmo.


-Hand painted, hardened plastic

-Standard ¼ stainless Steel Rod

-Dimensions L|W|H: 36mm|44mm|20cm

-Overall weight 2.8oz


Slam some skulls at faster speeds, at 50% the size and 50% lighter head weight than our power beaters, our speed skull beaters are faster than before! Smaller and but still packing the same dark style, quality and craftsmanship, these beaters will help you go even faster with style!


Don't be fooled, these are not made of regular fragile plastic; they are solid, durable enough to be slammed by the hardest stomp, fastest beat onto any drum skin, acoustic or electronic. Our drum beaters have been stress tested against realistic and unrealistic abuse and we guarantee they NOT will break.


Made exclusively by Green Gizmo in the U.S.A.


For use with:

  • Drum pedals.

  • Axis, Pearl, Taye, Tama, etc.

Remove your stock drum beaters by loosening the screw at the base of each beater on the pedal. Remove and replace with the Grim Beater with the skull's facing away from the drum skin/skulls toward the drummer. Tighten screws till firmly snug, do not over tighten.




Q- The drum beaters look cool but how are they in use? Will they last?
A- Each beater we have (power & speed ) are created for each person's taste if they want more power, or speed. Power is larger with more weight and will strike the head of the drum hard. Speed is smaller and, obviously will be easier to move and a bit lighter.

Both are made with stainless steel rods and durable high impact plastic and have been extensively beaten to test their lasting ability.

Our beaters are not hollow, they are not decorative, they were designed to hit first and look good while doing it.
Q- I'm worried the beaters will damage my drum skin.
A- There is no reason to worry. Our beaters when they're facing the correct way (the back of the skull hitting the skin, etc) it's no different than a round plastic beater. They're not sharp, or angled in a way that would damage your skins.