Stick-on Dark Sigil Horned Skull

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1x Dark Sigil Guitar Stick-on



-Hand painted, hardened plastic

-Dimensions L|W|H: 59m|38mm|14mm



About the product:

So you have a guitar with an odd shaped jackplate or it simply doesn't have one, but you still want to customize your guitar. Or maybe you just don't want to mess with screws. Here's something for you to easily customize your guitar, our stick-on skull with no backing to it, instead you slap it on where you want it to go and skip the hassle.


The item is a hand painted, custom part perfect for just about any guitar, or anywhere you want to stick it!

For use with:

  • Guitars, bass guitars.

  • Fender, Stratocaster, B.C.Rich, etc.

  • Anywhere you can stick it!



Make sure surface is clean & dry, remove the protective strip and press firmly for a moment till it sticks.