Welcome to Green Gizmo

Welcome to our store, we're a family run business! We hand make all our music gear &keycaps & figures. We also offer shirts and mugs featuring art we made!

Please see our F.A.Q. for custom orders, international shipping & other information.

-Mike & Brian Girardin

Free Shipping on orders over $50

Free shipping on all drum & guitar gear totaling over $50!

Offer only applies to orders in the United States & on Drum, Guitar gear, keycaps & figures.

Shirts, mugs & other accessories do not apply.

Welcome to Green Gizmo

We're a small business in New York.

Here you can find an assortment of custom  drum & guitar accessories that you can't find anywhere else. Our products are hand made in the United States.
We can also provide a custom order service where we can make alter a product's color or entirely different function for our existing products. Or, we can make something entirely new!
We create fully functional accessories that are made to last & take a beating.