Meet Avery!

Meet Avery!

Hey everyone, Mike here with an exciting update.

Check out our sponsored musician, Avery on youtube by clicking here. He's a young talented drummer who can tear it up on drums while making it look easy. He's got a set of 9 of our Large Grim Skull toppers that you can find by clicking here. Avery makes drumming look easy, even with an injured arm he's still drumming like a pro. We hope he has a speedy recovery. We are thrilled to work with such a young and motivated drummer and hope you'll give him and our cymbal toppers a look.

Join us in wishing Avery a speedy recovery, who has an injured arm! Get better soon! :)




Thanks for checking out the blog this week and next week we should have something new to put on your cymbals.


Mike | Green Gizmo

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