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We're proud to announce a new set of guitar knobs with performance as the priority. Speed knobs are designed to be quickly & precisely adjustable at a touch so with that goal in mind we created a speed knob design with a variety of design options! They are similar dimensions to stock guitar knobs so it should be quick and easy to get used to & fast to adjust your settings on the fly without looking. All hand made and painted with a metallic finish they're sure to catch eyes. 4 different designs with 2 color options, you can find...

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Hey everyone! Sorry for being so silent but we've been working on a number of new projects. Now we have the new Relic series and the first entry is the Cthulhu topper! A customer requested item we decided to make into a topper we make regularly. We decided to give it a aged artifact look seemed fitting and it worked out nicely. Also we are planning on making all our skull gear in this style, both drums AND guitar. We hope you like the new topper and look forward to the new series fill out. If you'd like to get...

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