New store! Changes and what's different.

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New store! Changes and what's different.

Hey everyone,

Mike here from Green Gizmo and I'm welcoming you to our new store! But more than that it's important you read this if you're a returning customer.

What's so important you're insisting returning customers to read this!?
Well, simply put; we do not have any of your account info at all. Since we could not transfer it, the data was deleted before the move to the new site.

You will have to create a new account here. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it was something we could not bring over. 

Well, what's NEW then?
We accept more payment types than before, and it's just as secure as it was before over HTTPS!

The store is now faster and has a more responsive theme to it and should be lighter on data.

Also, it should be much, much nicer on phones and touch screens than it's ever been.

Wait, do you guys still sell skulls...?
...Why yes, yes we do. Skulls for your cymbals, drums, guitars!

So...Business as usual then?
Sure seems that way!

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